Engineering moisture and air permeable materials with controlled surface chemistry - ranging from super-hydrophobic, hydrophobic, and oleophobic, to permanent hydrophilic. VaporPhase™ is fast, economical, and water-free - making it one of the more environmentally responsible industrial processes on the planet.


Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Coatings

Woven and knitted fabrics are "grafted," resulting in the covalent bonding of omni-phobic molecules directly to the fiber surface. This result is durable water repellency without having any effect on hand/feel. Because VaporPhase™ layers are deposited uniformly throughout the bulk of the fabric, water absorption is minimized, which means faster drying. Best of all, performance is achieved without using a single drop of water. 



Processing of Sensitive Substrates

VaporPhase™ is a low temperature, low energy, process. This makes it ideal for processing sensitive substrates that can include low-temperature olefin-based substrates and delicate nanofiber materials. Treatment occurs with little to no damage.

Treatment of Nanofibers. VaporPhase™ treated TPU nanofiber web. Water repellency = 100% IPA; Oil = n-Heptane.

Treatment of Nanofibers. VaporPhase™ treated TPU nanofiber web. Water repellency = 100% IPA; Oil = n-Heptane.


Super-Fast. Economical. Commercially Proven.

VaporPhase™ is not a conventional wet process. Nor is it a plasma deposition process. It's just... different. Unlike all competing processes, it is designed for speed - with a minimum operating speed measured in 10's to 100's of meters per minute. And it's not confined to the lab - Sigma operates a line that is 2.5m wide and has commissioned lines as wide as 3.2m for processing woven and nonwoven textiles. The process is operated every day producing products sold to leading brands throughout the world.

Buildings and Shelters

Similar to how Low-E windows prevent heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, Sigma uses VaporPhase™ Technology to convert fibrous and porous substrates into reflective materials capable of reflecting radiant head energy - resulting in a higher insulation values in smaller spaces while maintaining moisture and air permeability.

Filtration and Seperation

Sigma VaporPhase™ Technology can provide substantial benefits in filtration and separation applications. Absence of heat, water, and solvents allows for the treatment of nanofiber substrates and polymeric ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes without damaging the fiber structure or blocking pores.

Industrial Workwear & Emergency Services

Protect of industrial and emergency workers from high-heat situations, such as furnace operations and intense fires is absolutely vital. Unfortunately, many heat reflective textiles suffer from poor durability, lack of breathability, and corrosion. VaporPhase™ overcomes these issues by encapsulating heat reflective layers within a protective, hydrophobic and chemical resistant, cocoon.