Sigma offers innovative technology for moisture and oxygen barrier films for flexible packaging, electronics, and vacuum insulation panels. Our patented VaporPhase technology allows for alterations in the surface chemistry to the undercoating, metal deposition, and top coating layers, optimizing for your specific needs.

Advanced Metallized and Metal-Oxide Films

Sigma’s hollow-cathode, inverted magnetron, vacuum plasma treatment systems work to functionalize polymer webs - as well as remove low molecular weight material and other surface contaminates that can degrade the quality of vacuum deposited barrier layers. Additionally, plasma treatment of the deposited metal layer, immediately after deposition, improves barrier performance, reduces “blocking,” and metal pick-off in subsequent processes, and dramatically improves metal corrosion resistance. 

High Barrier Films

Microcracking and abrasion of vacuum deposited barrier layers has a significant impact on gas, and especially moisture, barrier performance. Sigma’s VaporPhase technology allows for the inline deposition of a thin, uniform, pinhole-free acrylic layer that protects the freshly deposited barrier layer from contact with face rollers during the deposition process - and other downstream processes. Additionally, application of a VaporPhase acrylic layer counteracts stress at the substrate/vapor deposited layer. This leads to reduced micro-cracking as film is elongated and stretched both during the deposition process and in in subsequent processing (slitting, printing, laminating, rewinding, bag/pouch conversion).

High Surface Energy, Ink/Coating Receptive, Films

Adhesion of inks and coatings to packaging films is highly dependent on the surface chemistry of the substrate, which for most polyolefin films is less than ideal. Sigma atmospheric plasma technology allows film producers and converters to modify the surface chemistry of the substrate surface to enhance, and in many cases enable, adhesion of inks and coatings - especially those that are not receptive to corona and flame treatment.