Ultra-Bright, Ultra-Durable, Superior Compatibility

Metallic Pigments for Inks, Paints, and Coatings

Sigma's VaporPhase™ Technology allows for the economical production of high performance vacuum metallized pigments (or "VMP's") without the need for a carrier web. Organic release layers are deposited inline with the metal deposition process, which means no going back and forth between the metallizer and the solvent coating line. Finally, release layers are formulated to control the surface chemistry of the finished pigment resulting in broader compatibility with ink and coating systems.

All-Polymer, High-Aspect Ratio, Functional Nanoflakes

Functional Polymer Nanoflakes

Thin film polymer films are deposited onto sacrificial release layers to produce highly cross-linked polymer flakes ranging in thickness from 30 to 300 nanometers. Polymer Nanoflakes can be used by themselves; or, they can be used as substrates onto which functional or effect layers can be deposited.

Inorganic/Organic Composite Pigments for Unique Effects

Multi-Layer Effect Pigments

Combining our Nanoflake Synthesis and PML Coatings technologies, multi-layer pigments consisting of inorganic and organic layers can be produced to generate an array of functional and visible effects. These can include high aspect ratio flakes with color and color-shifting effects, wavelength-specific reflection and transmission, and water and chemical-stable pigments.