High aspect ratio Nanoflakes

Sigma's proprietary nanoflake synthesis technology comprises a unique method for producing, in large quantities, "flakes," that are nano-scale in thickness and micron-scale in diameter (high aspect ratio). Nanoflake materials can range in size and can be composed of virtually any inorganic material - as well as some organic materials.

Beyond the lab to industrial-scale production.

Sigma's nanoflake synthesis process involves sequential deposition of the intended nanoflake material (metal, ceramic, or organic), and a sacrificial "release," layer, onto a rotating drum to create a nano-composite comprised of thousands of alternating layers of nanoflake material and release. The nano-composite is reduced to a fine powder and submerged in a dissolving agent to dissolve the sacrificial release layer - leaving behind the nanoflake material, which is further processed for sizing. Productivity is measured in 10's of pounds per hour depending on the material(s) used.

In-situ nanoflake surface modification.

Unlike conventional nano-particle/flake synthesis, which generally require solution-based methods for surface modification, Sigma's nanoflake process allows for dry, in-situ, functionalization of nanoflakes by reacting them with the release layer prior to separation/dissolution.