So, how can we help?

Existing products can be purchased directly from Sigma or its licensees. Need something new or unique? We work closely with you and your team to develop a solution that meets your needs. To get started, we will send you a collection of samples to show you what is available now - and to get your creative juices flowing to help you imagine what could be.

Let's work together to create something new

In most cases, a focused, "joint development," effort is required to get you what you need. We work with you to outline key milestones and goals - the framework of a Joint Development Program. Together, we describe what "success," looks like, define the financial terms of the program, and take a preliminary look at forecasting commercialization post-development.

Production and Commercialization

Each situation, product, and application has its own unique set of challenges go-to-market challenges. Sigma can contract manufacture/toll process or Sigma's growing number of licensees can offer production services. Alternatively, you can license technology from Sigma and produce in-house with Sigma serving as a "bridge," during plant build.

Sigma's laboratory includes a robust collection of testing and measurement devices including FTIR, UV-Vis, SEM, hydrohead, water and oil repellency, wash testing, MVTR, environmental testing, contact angle measurement, an array of optical microscopes, and much more.