Substrate planarization for defect-free surfaces. 

Micro-roughness and the presence of defects on substrate surfaces will hinder the performance of any barrier structure. Using Sigma's PML technology substrate surfaces are planarized with a PML-deposited acrylate (inline with deposition of inorganic barrier layer) coating and other defects are either concealed or removed. PML layers are formulated for high temperature resistance and adhesion of subsequent layers.

Organic top-coatings for improved barrier performance.

Application of PML layers, immediately after barrier deposition (e.g. aluminum or aluminum oxide), improves barrier performance by reducing micro-cracking caused by elongation scuffing caused by downstream processes (e.g. printing and laminating). Topcoats can be formulated for improved bonding of printing inks, adhesives, and coated layers.

Multi-Layer structures for super-high barrier applications.

Sequential deposition of polymer/inorganic layer stacks to create a torturous path for moisture and gas; also, provides redundancy to minimize impact of surface defects. Compatible with clear and opaque barrier applications. Capable of achieving 10-6 grams/meter2/24hrs barrier.