Make Things Stick. Add Value.

Putting plasma to work. 

Sigma plasma treatment systems work by directing a partially ionized medium, comprising a variety of energetic particles (or plasma), to a substrate. The plasma reacts with the substrate surface to remove organic contaminants “graft,” functional groups onto the material surface. Plasma can be used to improve surface wetting, increase bond strength, remove surface contaminates, and deposit highly functional coatings (such as anti-fog, for example).

A Better Treatment Technology

Superior treatment levels. Longer life.

Conventional surface treatment technologies such as corona, and flame treatment are incapable of producing uniformly high treatment levels, and sustaining them over long periods of time, without damaging most substrates. Atmospheric plasma is a room temperature, “cold flame,” pinhole-free, process capable of achieving and maintaining surface energies of even the most difficult-to-treat materials (such as PE, PP, PTFE, etc.) exceeding 50 dyne on most materials.


Beyond Conventional Treatment

Deposition of Functional Coatings.

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Proven performance. World class service.

Work with a pioneer in applying plasma to industry.

Sigma was the first to introduce vacuum and atmospheric plasma treatment systems for high-speed, wide-web, applications. Today, Sigma plasma technology and systems can be found in more than 100 commercial lines on 6 continents in widths ranging from a few inches to as wide as 4.5 meters.