What is VaporPhase?

Sigma VaporPhase is a unique, high-rate, physical vapor deposition process for producing functional organic layers. It is a multi-step, inline, process that involves vaporization, condensation, and polymerization of liquid monomers, oligomers, and other compatible materials that are selected depending on the application and desired functional effect. The VaporPhase process allows for a variety of layer compositions and morphologies ranging in thickness from a few, to a few hundred, nanometers.

Conformal Coatings
Layers that replicate surface topography and conform to substrate porosity.


Surface Leveling
Pinhole-free, smoothing layers for enhanced optical and moisture/gas barrier properties.

Controlled surface roughness for diffusing light and creating super-hydrophobic effects.


Multi-Layer Composite
Alternating organic/inorganic layers for super-high barrier films, energy storage devices, performance effect pigments, and meta-materials.

Fiber Encapsulation
Encapsulation of synthetic and natural fibers for producing fabrics with advanced functional effects.

Mono-Molecular Graft
Functional molecules are covalently attached to fiber/film surfaces for superior functionality and durability.