Dry finishing of natural and synthetic fiber-based textiles.

Like Sigma's DryFab™ technology, DiElectric Phoretic (or "DEP") deposition uses 100% solids chemistry; meaning, no water and no solvents. Unlike DryFab™, DEP finishing does not take place in a vacuum chamber and can be integrated into an existing textile finishing line/tenter.

Uniform coatings throughout the fabric bulk.

Conventional solution-based finishing relies on water (or solvents) to transport finishing chemicals throughout the fabric in order to coat the entire surface area. This is a luxury not available to dry finishing processes. Sigma's DEP Technology solves this problem by using a plasma to trigger a phenomenon known as dielectrophoresis - where the electric field of the plasma exerts a force onto the finishing chemical, causing the chemical to disperse throughout the entire surface area of the fabric.

Compatible with conventional textile finishing lines.

Once deposited throughout the fabric, curing of the active chemicals is initiated by either heat, UV radiation, plasma, or a combination thereof. Polymerization propagates while the fabric proceeds through the tenter oven and terminates once all of the active material has been polymerized. The result is a high performance, durable and long-lasting, finish (hydrophobic, oleophobic, or hydro/oleophobic) without achieved without the use of a single drop of water.