100% dry finishing. No water, solvents, softeners, surfactants, or other additives.

Unlike solution-based finishing and coating, Sigma DryFab™ Technology uses just the active material - nothing else. 100% dry processing means reduce energy costs, no water/solvent recovery, smaller plant footprint, and no hazardous waste streams. 

High-speed. Cost effective.

Sigma's DryFab™ technology is capable of depositing C6 fluorocarbon molecules onto films, fabrics and other substrates at speeds measured in hundreds of feet per minute compared to tens of feet per minute for competing plasma and wet processes.

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Superior performance without compromise.

DryFab™ can be monomolecular in scale. This means little to no impact on breathability, moisture permeability, or other bulk substrate properties. Also, because the deposited material is covalently bonded to the substrate, DryFab™ coatings are highly durable and long-lasting.

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Ideal for most inorganic and synthetic substrates

Glass, metals, polymer films, microporous membranes, wovens, nonwovens, and knits - Sigma's DryFab™ process is highly flexible and capable of functionalizing a wide array of base materials.